Vintage Soul Excerpt: Physics

Hey, all!  I’ve been thinking lately… how would you guys like another little writing sample?  This is only a brief excerpt – it isn’t a full chapter or even a full scene.  In fact, it’s part of a larger action scene.  In media res, if you will.  And no, you don’t get any real context before or after.  Not yet.



“Keep moving!” I shouted from underneath the bookcase. Sarah ran out of sight as I tried to push against the heavy thing, barely able to budge it.

That feeling came back again, the monster inside me welling up from the tension and trying to break free. Sarah screamed and I let the surge of bestial adrenaline flow through me, strengthening me enough to punch through the wooden shelves. Splinters cut into my arm, but it was nothing I couldn’t heal later. I stood and the inner vampire retreated, leaving me with some mild vertigo for a second. And then Sarah screamed again. Her voice came from the drawing room.

“I’m coming!” I yelled and stepped out of the ruined bookcase, taking off in a run.

Unlike the darkness flooding the rest of the building, a red glow illuminated the old house’s drawing room. Its fireplace was now lit, raging with hellfire in the shape of a winged hound – Caacrinolaas had possessed the flames! The demon loomed over the room, his fiery claws reaching from the hearth at Sarah, who had backed herself into a corner. The two men laid on the floor, their bodies charred and still.

“Help!” she screamed. “It killed Greg!”

“I can see that!,” I said, and started shooting at the fireplace. The holy bullets passed through the demon’s blazing form, sizzling as they pinged against the back wall of the hearth. Caacrinolaas’s blazing form gave me an incredulous look.

“Bullets?” he asked. “Your weapons are meaningless. They cannot harm what they cannot touch. I am the wolf at the door. I am the darkness and the flame. I am eternal.” The demon belched a fireball at me.

I yelped and ducked into the nearest door, barely dodging the fireball as it burst against the wall, sending fragments of tile raining down on the floor. I was in the kitchen. I caught my breath as the tiny pieces of fire around me went out, unable to catch against the tile and metal. Sarah cried out again, and I looked around the room in a panic. There was a bright red extinguisher on the wall. Thank heaven for fire safety laws.

I came back out to see the demon’s billowing shape emerging from the hearth after Sarah, who was still cornered. She cringed as Caacrinolaas loomed in front of her, ready for the kill.

“Guess what?” I called out as I ran up to the unholy flames. Caacrinolaas turned to face me.

“Physics!” I let him have it with the fire extinguisher.

The immortal demon’s hellfire was extinguished in a white cloud of sodium bicarbonate, and the lights came back on.

“Lucy Two, Demon Zero,” I said, dropping the empty extinguisher. I looked back to Sarah.

“Are you all right, Miss Fielding?” I asked.

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