So, I Have This Friend…

So, I’ve got this really good friend, and we hang out all the time.  Sometimes we watch movies, or play video games, or discuss important things, or whatever.  But see, the thing is, he owns this huge LEGO city that he keeps on the fireplace…

…And I just can’t help myself.


Lego-Liceplant LEGO-FireTruck Lego-Hextor LEGO-Worm LEGO-Knifehead LEGO-Mordles

Lego-Cthugrosh LEGO-Grasshopper LEGO-Naberius LEGO-Buer LEGO-Turtle


LEGO-Toxie LEGO-Lloigor LEGO-ElderThing LEGO-Cherub LEGO-Amduscias LEGO-MindFlayer LEGO-Rubezahl LEGO-Adramelech LEGO-Bishop



And now you know a little more about how my brain works.

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