New Short Story: SIN WALKER

When a bombastic radio personality is found dead in his home, it looks like werewolves are to blame.  But as Lucy starts fishing around, she just may catch something a lot bigger than she expects!  What do you get when you combine a Jewish vampire, Navajo wolves, and a nine-ton living fossil?  You get Sin Walker, a new short story set in the world of Vintage Soul!

I’ve got a special treat for everybody:  Today  marks the first (of what will probably be a ton) short story set in the Vintage Soul series, available for FREE on this site!  Consider this a nice little placeholder until publication…

Sin Walker is set a couple of months after the conclusion of Vintage Soul, but you shouldn’t worry too much about spoilers – I mean, come on, unless it’s a huge shock to you that the good guys win in the first book of a series (spoiler alert!)… well, yeah.  But that’s essentially the only spoiler.  It’s not really about the first book, this story exists on its own, and is roughly twenty pages or so in length.  To get there, just click on the link below:


Happy reading!

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