NaNo 2015 – Postscript & Art

Well, NaNoWriMo 2015 came and went, I won again, and I have an idea for more edits to the first manuscript.  That last one may result in a site rebranding – we’ll see!  But once again, I got some art!

first up is some absotively awesome fan art from Jimmy Rommel, who creates toys over at Ironhaus.  You owe it to yourself to buy the monsters he creates.  Jimmy isn’t a NaNoer, he’s just a friend who… well, he read the first short story to humor me, and then became a fan, and then drew this!  He went for a Fairuza Balk look, which is quite interesting.


And next up is an awesome piece by Aimeili – who already drew something for me last year, but felt really dissatisfied with it… and then promptly knocked it out of the park!


Next up is some NaNo-specific 2015 material.  If all goes according to plan, thi will all make sense in like 2020 or so.  Blah.  But anyway, I will eventually use the legendary demon Agares, who looks like an old man with a crocodile and hawk.  His Dictionnaire Infernal art is as such:


And my look for him?  He’ll be in a modern suit.  And thus we have one drawing by Ink8747, who has just the cutest style ever!


And a portrait by Emayex, who went for grandeur:


And finally, a doodle by Kage of Rlys!


This will all mean something eventually.  But November was fun!

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