NaNo 2014 Update #2

Well, on November 7, I hit 50,000 words in the first draft of Welsh Witch, making me the most awesome person on the planet.  Sorry, Chuck Norris…

…And then my computer fall down, go boom.  It can’t boot up, and it’s because of a faulty Windows update. The good news is, my files are A-okay, and I am getting it back early next week. I haven’t lost anything (and I keep lots of stuff backed up), but it was a worry and has slowed me down badly.  I am currently working on an older laptop that used to belong to a relative.  But with today’s update, there’s more… including MORE AWESOME ARTWORK!  So Read On…


Lucy December, by Clare Henry

…Well.  Wow!  That’s it, now I know who to bug/cajole/blackmail/hire to draw the comic book.  Wow!


Lucy, by Darlighl

What really amazes me about this one is that it was done in an incredibly brief time window.  Awesome!

And since there has been such an influx lately, I’ve moved the images over to the brand new Gallery.  Enjoy!

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