NaNo 2014 Update #1!

Well, it’s been a week, and you know what that means!  NaNoWriMo 2014 update!

To start out with, I’ve got two new pieces of art:


Lucy, by Flightyclouds

This one really captures Lucy’s outfit and attitude perfectly!  NAILED IT!  Also:  Tee-hee, tiny fangs!!!


Lucy, by Layure

And here’s a fairly moody, casual picture!  I think she’s in a grumpy mood.  According to the artist, drawing this brought back awesome memories of watching Remington Steele, which is just plain awesome.


Lucy December, by Eliza Collins

She looks so chipper in this light pencil sketch!  And hey, nice purse!


As for the NaNo update itself, Welsh Witch currently stands at 35,673 words, still short of the 50,000 monthly goal and certainly short of the full manuscript, which will likely break 100K at least.  Vintage Soul is about 90,000, while Night Life is currently undergoing major edit to both remove extraneous scenes and bring the word count up (heh heh).  Welsh Witch, on the other hand, seems to be filling itself up nicely.  I also managed to hit a new personal record on NaNoWriMo, with my total output for Thursday, November 6 being 11,068 in one day.  I had a good day.

Anyway, you can watch my daily progress Here!  You can also read a synopsis and see a special preview of Welsh Witch Here! Now, go and have fun!

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