How To Behave During Election Season

Hey, look!  It’s a POLITICAL POST!  I don’t do these often, so relish it.


1. If it’s bad when the other guy does it, it’s bad when your candidate does it, too.
2. If it’s good when your candidate does it, it’s good when the other candidate does it, too.
3. I know you hate the other candidate, but please refrain from posting memes or statements which say “Someone should kill them!” We have enough to worry about without psycho assassination death threats. If you do this, stop it right now.
4. Whoever wins the election will not still be president ten years from now. Your family will still be related to you ten years from now. Think about that before you pick a fight.
5. There is no “good guy” who is always right or “bad guy” who is always wrong. Listen to what they say, then decide.
6. I know you think it’s witty, but making up demeaning nicknames for the candidates is childish and immature. “Donald Dump” and “Hellary” don’t care, anyway,
7. Don’t unfriend people for voting differently than you. It’s that kind of behavior that’s gotten us in the mess we are at today.
8. Whoever wins will likely have a hard time getting their really insane policies through. Relax.
9. Even if they don’t, this nation has survived the Alien & Sedition Act, suspension of Habeas Corpus, internment camps, mass political censoring, and all sorts of other things. There will always be a huge threat to freedom. Remain vigilant, but have some perspective.
10. If you cheer when someone mocks the other candidate, don’t cry “unfair” when someone mocks yours.
11. Freedom of speech means that other people have the right to be wrong.
12. Ideally, freedom of speech means that you can discuss things like adults.
13. When you feel anger take over, that’s when you should pull back from the discussion. Getting angry helps no one, and only shortens your life.
14. Take what action you can. When it’s out of your control, let it go.
15. Before you post a mocking meme or volatile quote, ask yourself, “How do I feel when someone posts something like this attacking my candidate?”
16. Always be the better person in a debate. Be an adult, even if the room is filled with children.
18. It is entirely possible to have the right opinion, but express it in a wrong way.
18. Life is not a zero-sum game where you must “win” every conversation.
19. Don’t be so smug. Nobody is right about everything all the time.
20. When someone else is happy, be happy with them. When someone else is sad, be sad with them.
21. Use your words to lift someone up, not tear them down. “Harsh truths” should encourage people to do better, not break them to pieces.
22. Treat other people as generously and kindly as you wish they treated you.

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