Name: Megaera
Real Name: Megaera
Species: Fury
Age: b. circa 1200 BC
Height: 5’7″ (human), 6’2″ (Fury)
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green (human), bleeding (Fury)
Nationality: Ancient Greece
Occupation: Cosmic Debt Collector

Born from the blood of the sky god Uranus, Megaera is one of the Erinyes – the Furies of Greek legend.  Tasked with chasing sinners and dragging them into eternal punishment, Alecto, Tisiphone, and Megaera’s names were carved in blood throughout the ancient world.  Megaera herself, “The Jealous One,” is especially tasked with tracking down oathbreakers and philanderers – those who break the covenant of marriage, though she has no trouble diversifying.

In the millennia since the ancient Greek religion fell out of favor, the Furies continued their work in their own way, contracting their services to the Heavens.  As spirits of elemental vengeance, the Furies are essentially eternal.  They can be killed, but will soon after be reborn with a new, “reset” mind.  In that way, the Erinyes live forever, though a particular Fury lasts as long as her seemingly-temporary life.  Megaera has lived for a long time in her current incarnation, and has happily settled into her life and personality.

Meg met Lucy in 1922 and struck up a relationship, and they moved to San Francisco under Megaera’s suggestion.  They parted ways in 1998 after a vicious argument with Alecto and Tisiphone, though they both regretted it, and reunited as friends during the Caacrinolaas case.  Meg remains one of Lucy’s closest confidants and dearest friends, even with occasional friction over her true nature.


Meg’s human body is an illusion constructed completely from scratch; it takes her years to create a new Glamour.  In her true form, Megaera is a nightmare of blades and blood, her bronze feathers and metallic talons almost bringing to mind the Stymphalian birds of Greek lore.  Alecto and Tisiphone look similar, though they are also “themed” differently, bearing fire and shadow in place of Meg’s metal.  Aside from her “list” supplied by the Heavens, Meg can detect the sins of humans she sees, and track them down if she feels like it.  Although she is practically unstoppable against humans, there are many supernatural counters against her, and she often takes a backseat against magical or demonic threats.


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