Lucy December

Name: Lucy December
Real Name: Lucia bat Belaset
Species: Vampire
Age: b. December 5 1166 – d. March 16, 1190
Height: 5’0″
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Nationality: Originally British, now a United States citizen
Occupation: Private Detective

Lucy was born in London in 1166 to a reasonably well-off Jewish family, was married to Jacob ben Judah, and mother of four. She lived a surprisingly full, albeit brief life in her first twenty-three years.

Lucy was caught in the Massacre At York in 1182, and her family was slain. Before her own death, she was bitten and turned by Cyrus, the vampire who would later become her second husband. They lived together for the next few centuries, giving Lucy time to come to terms with what she had become. Her insistance on following her religious faith eventually led to friction with Cyrus, and they parted ways in the late 1700s.

Lucy immigrated to the United States in the early 1800s, staying under the radar for a while before beginning to truly integrate halfway through the century. She met Megaera in 1922, and the two moved to San Francisco in 1925. She began to work as a private detective in 1955. San Francisco is a hotbed of the supernatural, and Lucy has her hands full with both monstrous and mundane cases.

Lucy’s religious beliefs and human-centric behavior make her a rarity among vampires, though not completely unheard of. Her Judaism is strange, informed by the fact that she cannot fully follow rituals or laws without the inherent holiness burning or killing her, much less a vampire’s inability to keep kosher. However, the principle of Pikuach Nefesh – any law can be superceded if a human life is in the balance – saves her in those situations. And she certainly does try. She maintains a generally positive and upbeat nature, though with much more sarcasm than is good for her. And yes, she really does dress like that. Vampires tend to fall into costume habits, and her current favorite pattern involves a trench coat and a hat.







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