Fan Art!

One of the great big benefits of NaNoWriMo is that there are legions of people who watch your progress, cheer you on, and after reading samples of your work or descriptions of the stuff theirin, they produce art!  What this means is, Vintage Soul now has its first-ever pieces of fan art!  YAY!

Now, a little note – whenever a NaNo event comes around, I work on another manuscript.  If I get Vintage Soul to a publisher, then I have a series in the can, waiting.  If not, then I have a series in the can, waiting as I go through an independent provider.  It also helps me to plan ahead and keep things consistent for the future.  And so, it’s a win-win.  And thus, this November, as I continue to work forward into the series, you’ll get random sneak peaks.  Anyway, on to the fan art!

Special Note:  Of course, by nature fan art is not going to be 100% accurate.  That really doesn’t matter.  This isn’t “official” art, and what matters is the time and effort put into it.  And, of course, the Ego Boost.


Lucy December, by Stacy Ross

Lucy By Aimeili
Lucy, by Aimeili

Next up is something interesting – Cover Designs.  Am I guaranteed to use these?  Well, a traditional publisher would pick their own cover.  If I self-pub, then maybe, maybe not.  But again, what matters is the time and effort that went into these.  Thank you!

And of course, these just may be hints as to a certain series’s future:


Vintage Soul, by Lisa Vail

Night Life Cover by Kjulianna

Night Life, by Kline Willier

And now we just need to see what sorts of designs people might want to try for Welsh Witch.

Wait, what’s Welsh Witch, you say?


It’s what I’m working on this year’s NaNo, of course!  SHHHHH!

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