How To Beat Writer’s Block

You Can Beat Writer’s Block With This One Simple Trick! …man, writing that clickbait line made me feel bad.  Okay, here’s a more practical article.  Writer’ Block would be a dangerous, deadly foe of all writers if it were real, but it isn’t. Did you hear me?  No such thing.  It’s all an illusion.

It’s Your Ashtray

Remember when you were in summer camp, and took a pottery class, and they made you make an ashtray for your smoking parents?  One that your parents displayed with pride even though it looked a lot worse than the one in this photo?  It’s relevant to this post, I swear.

Blog Hop Re-Hopped – Rayne Hall

  Hey, guess what?  I’m a lazy bum! Well, I’ve sorta been busy lately – changing jobs, prepring to move, researching Japanese goblins, and writing.  But there is now a response to my previous Blog Hop!  Meet Rayne Hall, authoress of fantasy, horror, and some excellent how-to writing guides! Again, that is

Blog Hop

If you could time travel and steal somebody else’s novel/short story/film for yourself, what would it be? My answer might be a little different than most.  I wouldn’t really want to steal a great classic or something similar, but I would love to step back in time, go to wherever it is that they decide …

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