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Hey, guess what?  I’m a lazy bum!

Well, I’ve sorta been busy lately – changing jobs, prepring to move, researching Japanese goblins, and writing.  But there is now a response to my previous Blog Hop!  Meet Rayne Hall, authoress of fantasy, horror, and some excellent how-to writing guides!

Again, that is

Rayne Hall

And here are her responses to the questionnaire!


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If you could time travel and steal somebody else’s novel/short story/film for yourself, what would it be?

I wouldn’t steal anybody’s work. However, I would love to time travel and collaborate with one of the great authors of the past, maybe Mary Shelley, the Brontë sisters or Edgar Allan Poe, merging my writing skills with theirs to create a masterpiece.

What writing sin do you actively have to struggle against in your own work?

I’m a mistress of procrastination. A procrastinatrix.

My early works suffered from dragging pace and wordy waffling, and I cringe when I read those stories now. I focused on learning how to write tight, fast-paced prose, and I’m proud to say I’ve mastered the skill.

Pick three writers, past or present, that you would want to have dinner with. Why those writers?

Victorian writer Amelia Edwards. Her ghost stories are masterpieces of atmospheric suspense. She was also an amazingly plucky, well-travelled woman at a time when most women didn’t travel far from their homes, and an influential figure in ancient Egyptian archaeology. I admire her greatly and would love to meet her in person, listening to her talk about her adventures.

Edgar Allan Poe. His psychological horror stories were the first dark fiction I read, and they inspired me to become a horror writer. I’m curious what he’s like as a person.

Stephen King. A prolific writer and master of the horror genre, he’s worth knowing. Maybe some of his skill will rub off on me. He’s said to be a nice guy, so I imagine he’d be good company at dinner.

Mind, with these three people and myself at dinner, the conversation may turn to dark matters. Perhaps we should dine in a suitable location – a castle ruin or a haunted house…



Well, thank you very much, Rayne!  And good luck!

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