John Morey is the author of Blood Hound, a former professional editor, and also writes for Life In Plastic, a regular column at Nerditis. John was born in Pennsylvania, but he has since lived in California, Tennessee, New York, Tennessee again, and California again, and if he could stop acting like a ping-pong ball for just one moment, he will be very happy. He has two degrees in history and has edited for non-profit and educational institutions, but his passion is writing. Well, that and collecting and photographing obscure toys.

John grew up on a steady diet of monsters thanks to a father who would first make his kids watch horror movies, and then turn out the lights and scare them half to death.  His upbringing also included a sister who accidentally hit him on the head with a shovel, and the time  he got set on fire at a wedding.  All of these things combined to make him the author he is today. John currently lives in the Bay Area where he divides his time between caring for a feisty and spoiled rescue cat and writing about a Jewish vampire detective.

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