Name: Amon
Real Name: Amon, Aamon, Nahum, Amun, Baal-Hamon
Species: Fallen Angel
Age: Timeless
Height: Variable
Hair: Brown fur and feathers, green scales
Eyes: Gold
Nationality: Hell


One of Solomon’s Seventy-Two demons, Amon is a Grand Marquis of Hell, and although his services seem identical to many other demons (telling the future, ending feuds), Johann Wier in 1583 called him “The strongest prince of all others.”

Amon is terrifying.

Amon manifests as a strange, chimeric combination of owl, wolf, and serpent, his beak lined with razor sharp teeth.  His eyes are solid metallic gold, giving him an oddly dispassionate appearance even when he emotes.  He moves with the predatory speed of a shark, and has a disquieting tendency to completely ignore protective circles, sigils, and rituals invoked against him.

Aside from his lackadaisacal approach to summoning services, it is an open secret that Amon plays Hell’s politics, and commands a much greater influence than his rank of Marquis would suggest.  He spends roughly half of time in the mortal world with long-term deals and associations, and the other half trolling people because he is bored.  It makes it very hard to figure out what his actual plans are.

Lucy first ran into Amon when he interrupted her attempt to summon, bind, and trap Caacrinolaas.  He ruined her plans, dashed her woeful attempts at magic, and threatened her, but also subtly pointed her in the right direction to defeat Caacrinolaas.  That last part worries her more than anything else.

Amon’s plans for Lucy are completely unknown, though he seems to have been watching her for quite some time, and has no reason to fear anything she or her friends can bring to the table.