Lucy December: Private detective, devout Jew… and vampire. December just got a little colder. Welcome to the city…

San Francisco’s got it all: ghosts, demons, and monsters straight out of your worst nightmares, and one lady willing to fight them off. Lucy’s got her share of problems, least of which being that she can’t drink blood and keep kosher. But she’ll be fine – she’s lived through crusades, surely she can handle a few rogue monsters. And whether she’s using holy relics or a loaded shotgun, this detective will fight back with all she’s got!

Look out for Blood Hound, the first book in the Lucy December series, coming soon from John Morey. Can’t wait that long? Then check out these short stories in the meantime!

“[Blood Hound] is a hell of a good romp. . . has pumped pizzazz into the vampire genre like Jim Butcher did with wizards.”
Ruthanne Reid, author of The Sundered

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